Born - in Burbank, CA, It doesn’t really matter when

My elementary school - was very progressive and had open classrooms. There was orange carpet on a huge semi-circular staircase where we would have assemblies. I loved seeing how many carpeted orange stairs I could jump down and...the open architecture stuck with me. 
In Jr. High - I was the ONLY girl who took drafting. It has been a long and interesting road, and it came full circle, but I always knew what I loved.

During High School - My parents decided to remodel our Newport Beach home. My dad (a Civil Engineer) did the plans and my mom picked the finishes. My dad was also the GC so as the only kid still at home, my summer job was as a day laborer. My painting skills we honed and in a pinch I can wire a light fixture and install tile. As a teenager, it wasn’t my favorite pastime, but working and living the construction process proved to be invaluable! 

My parents - taught me how to make good decisions or take responsibility for the bad ones. My Dad always said, “half of the people in any profession are in the bottom half.” Remembering that, I am rarely intimidated. My mom believed in quality over quantity and never bought into “keeping up with the Joneses.”  I believe that both of those sentiments are critical to good design.

At UC Berekely - I learned (from my CAL swim coach) that everything is a choice and that just showing up isn’t nearly enough. Some of the classroom teachings are a blur, but the mix of architecture and people are memorable.   

Everyday I use something I learned in Business School at UC Irvine -  It’s more fun when it is presentation skills or implementing fun marketing ideas, but understanding accounting is really handy as a business owner. After getting my MBA, I spent 8 years in strategy consulting and, as a reslut, I know how to manage a project.

I quit my job and went to UCLA - to create a business and a life that I was passionate about. The Interior Architecture program was the most fulfilling educational experience I can imagine.  It was challenging and “vocational”. I put every ounce I could into learning every detail about design. I knew that this was what I was supposed to do.   

In between all of the schooling - I had many different jobs and travelled a ton. I lived and worked in both London and Vienna; climbed Kilimanjaro, “safaried” and dove in Africa; drove from Panama to Los angeles and honeymooned in New Zealand and Fiji. Experiencing how other cultures live in their native environments is an amazing thing — it taught me to appreciate what I have, to respect people’s varied desires, and to open my eyes to what’s possible.

I have a husband and two very energetic children - who challenge me daily to think differently and question my boundaries. Like most of my clients, I’m creating a home that allows us to grow and enjoy life together. It’s unlikely that I will ever have a more demanding client than myself, but the reward of positively impacting my loved ones is worth it. 

I love my job - so much that going to work every morning is easy.  

I’m thrilled when I transform a client’s home into a unique space that reflects and enhances their aesthetic and their lifestyle.  

“How do you want to live?”