• Anyone up for a BIG game of chess? Fun accessories from #threehands

  • My Maine relatives will be so proud…brewer makes Elle mag with super cool, metallic, “Down East” flat-form, boat shoes. Definitely picking up a pair from the source when I am there this summer!

  • Fun coffee cups for an upcoming kitchen photo shoot. Found them at my daughter’s favorite Starbucks on the way to Tahoe.

  • Seen at one of my favorite Marin vendors, #CeramicTileDesign. Touché!

  • Making the most of being sidelined from snowboarding with bronchitis!

  • Something very gratifying about pulling permits. 3 bathroom remodels coming right up!

  • Love my job and LOVE that it gives me the flexibility to have a “work bag” that is…well…this color!

  • When this door opens, who cares if another one closes?!